Are you experiencing a headache?

The chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness located in Perth CBD treat headaches daily.

There a several types of headaches, over 150 to be exact.

The most common type of headache (treated at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness, Perth CBD), that affects approximately 75% of people daily is the tension headache. What do these feel like? Tension type headaches tend to be a mild to moderate dull, achy sensation on one or both sides of the head or neck. Or a constant, tight band like feeling around the head. Neck movements may feel stiff, as well as difficulty concentrating and struggling to fall asleep.  What may be causing this? Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD) chiropractors have noted the most common causes being- Poor posture, bright lights, prolonged reading, stress, anxiety, emotional upsets and medication overuse are the most common triggers of tension type headaches.

Migraine headaches (another type of headache commonly treated at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness, Perth CBD),often feel like a pounding, throbbing pain. Sensitivity to light, noise and odours, nausea and vomiting, feeling tired, dizzy and a pale colour are also symptoms of a migraine noticed at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD). There are several causes of migraine headaches that our chiropractors commonly see- this includes stress, hormonal changes in women, sleep pattern, physical factors and sensory stimuli such as bright lights, loud sounds and strong smells.

The most severe, intense headache is the cluster headache (treated by our chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness, Perth CBD). This may present as an intense burning or sharp pain behind the eye which may be constant or throbbing, in cyclical patterns. Cluster headaches tend to happen at night or the early hours of the morning, waking people from sleep. The most common triggers include alcohol and certain medications.

Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD) also commonly see Sinus headaches. The chiropractors have noticed itpresents as a deep and constant pain or pressure in your cheekbones, eyes, bridge of your nose, or your forehead. Sinus headaches are often a symptoms of sinusitis which is inflammation of the sinus due to allergies, infections and blockages.

At Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD) our chiropractors have managed many patients with headaches. Accurate diagnosis by your chiropractor is crucial in the management of headaches. The type and source of the headache must be identified for the best treatment method provided by chiropractor at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD), or referral to the appropriate health care practitioner to manage the cause of the headache. If you are experiencing such symptoms, book a consult with our chiropractor at Logan Chiropractic and Well (Perth CBD) Dr Tash Logan, to get you on the road to recovery. If you have any questions, in need of further information or would like to make a booking, you can book online or call the clinic on 0434 334 754.

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