Neck Pain

The neck is the cervical spine, made up of seven cervical bones/ vertebrae. The chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth) treat neck pain daily, being one of the most common conditions seen in practise. Neck pain can be mild to severe depending on the cause and the extent of the injury. The network of bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves allow support and movement of the head. When there is damage to one of these musculoskeletal structures this can cause neck pain.

Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth) treat acute, subacute and chronic neck pain. Acute neck pain presents for approximately 4 weeks, where the source of the neck pain is usually in the muscles, ligaments, joints or disc. Subacute neck pain lasts 4 to 12 weeks. Chronic neck pain persists for 3 or more months. It may be constant neck pain or increase with certain activities. Majority of chronic neck pain cases presented at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth) involve nerve damage, tissue scarring and arthritis.

Here are some symptoms of neck pain that we have treated at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth):

The neck may be achey, stiff, burning, tingling, tense and tight. If nerve inflammation/ irritation is involved, you may experience weakness, numbness, tingling, pins/ needles into the arms and hands. Neck pain can also refer to the head causing headaches, vertigo, dizziness.

Severe neck pain which requires immediate medical attention fever chills, pain/ tingling into the arms, problems with balance and coordination

Experiencing neck pain after a crash or traumatic event requires emergency care.

The most common causes of neck pain in patients at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth) include: Poor posture/ spinal alignment, stress, whiplash/ other traumatic events, poor sleeping habits, repetitive movements, degeneration/ wear and tear.

How do the Chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth) diagnose neck pain?

A thorough assessment will be taken on your first visit at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth). Medical history, physical examination including muscle and nervous system tests are first performed. If there is indication for further examination such as xray, MRI or CT scan, the patient will then be referred for this to reach an accurate diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is key for firstly resolution of the neck pain and for the right treatment plan for you.

At Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth), the type of treatment performed will be according to the exact cause of the neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments and mobilisations, soft tissue therapy, activator, dry needling, taping, drop piece, traction, posture correction, rehabilitative exercises and stretches are used to correct the problem and prevent re-injury. Stress management and nutrition are also large contributing factors to neck pain, the chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth) will provide you with useful tips to help reduce the recurrence of your neck pain.

If you are experiencing neck pain consult our chiropractor at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (East Perth). You can book online, email, or call the practice on 0434 334 754.

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