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At Logan Chiropractic and Wellness, our doctor of chiropractic often treats patients with scoliosis. Depending on the severity of the scoliosis, chiropractors will make a professional decision as to what the best form of treatment will be such as conservative care, manual therapy, exercise, bracing or surgery.

What is a scoliosis?

When looking from the front- the spine should be straight, with a scoliosis there tends to be a “s” or “c” curve, where it may become more noticeable with an increase in degree or severity over time. Most cases are mild, however should be monitored when detected at a younger age if the scoliosis is progressing, as it may result in serious health issues. Chiropractors can detect this at an early age, monitor and may help prevent worsening of the curvature in time. Scoliosis does not always cause back pain. Studies have shown scoliosis less than 35 degrees is not necessarily linked with back pain. A scoliosis greater than 35 degrees and progressing in teens- interventions such as surgery, bracing may be required until the scoliosis is no longer progressing.

There are 2 types of scoliosis that the chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness have treated:

Structural scoliosis is when the patient’s spine has a physical curve. Chiropractic can help reduce symptoms- increasing joint movement and range of motion.

Functional scoliosis due to posture causing spine to curve sideways. Often due to repetitive asymmetrical activity, for example different leg lengths.

How does the chiropractor at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD) diagnose a scoliosis?

Forward bending Adam’s test is a simple method used by chiropractors to determine scoliosis. The patient will lean forward toward toes, a positive Adam’s test will show an uneven curve in the mid back between left and right shoulders.

To accurately diagnose the scoliosis with objective measurements a plain film x-ray will be able to determine this.

What are the causes of Scoliosis?

In most cases the actual cause of the scoliosis is unknown. Other common causes include being hereditary condition, degeneration of the spinals discs or joints (arthritis), osteoporosis, complications from surgeries, injury to the spine, asymmetry in other parts of the body such as unequal leg length.

Signs and symptoms of Scoliosis presented at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD):

The young do not tend to experience pain. Back pain secondary to scoliosis is more likely to experienced when they are older.

Other common presenting symptoms due to scoliosis other than pain includes; One shoulder being higher than the other, leg length inequality, winging of the scapula (shoulder blade protrudes), one side of the rib cage sits higher than the other, pelvis (hips) sitting at an unequal height, difficulty breathing due to reduced area for the lungs to expand in the chest.

Treatment your chiropractor at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD) may provide:

Chiropractic care may help to reduce pain, reducing the pressure on their nervous system due to the scoliosis. Manual adjustments, rehabilitative exercises strengthening the core and supporting joints, dry needling, the activator, joint mobilisations, soft tissue therapy, stretching, taping are the most common modalities used by the chiropractors at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness.

Logan Chiropractic and Wellness located in Perth CBD, has treated many patients with scoliosis. If you believe you may have a scoliosis and would like an assessment. Or have an already diagnosed scoliosis and not receiving any treatment or care, book an appointment at Logan Chiropractic and Wellness (Perth CBD). Dr Tash Logan will provide a thorough assessment and diagnosis, from there we can establish the best form of treatment and care. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, you can book online or call the clinic on 0434334754.

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