Stress Management

How can we manage our stress?

Many of us lead a busy lifestyle, and it is not uncommon to get stressed. The main reasons of stress tend to be relationships, work and money. It is easy to get overwhelmed with stress so it is important we manage this.

How can chiropractic help manage your stress?

When we experience emotional strain and tension, this affects our physical being. We tend to change the way we breath, elevate our shoulders and tense up our body, most of the time subconsciously. Due to this you will usually experience aches and pains in the body, and headaches. The misalignments in your spine due to the bodies tension puts pressure on your nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments can help to realign the spine, allowing the central nervous system to function at its optimum. The adjustments may also assist in blood circulation, and reducing the effects of being in fight or flight mode.

As well as receiving manual therapy such as chiropractic to relieve the physical symptoms of stress, there are several other ways you can reduce your stress. Guided meditation, breathing exercises, daily exercise, journaling, doing activities that bring you pleasure such as painting, yoga, good nutrition, talking to those close to you that you trust, planning ahead, sufficient sleep and recognize when you need more help such as speaking to a professional counsellor or psychologist.

It is also important to manage stress to avoid some long term conditions such as heart disease, obesity, depression and high blood pressure.

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