Top 5 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

Are you struggling getting to sleep or having a disrupted sleep? Waking up feeling unrested?

Here are 5 tips that may increase the quality of your sleep and assist you to getting to sleep after a tiring day.

Firstly, going to bed at the same time each night, is a great way to get your body in routine. Training your body to sleep at a certain time and wake up at a certain time, will certainly ease the body to rest and sleep at the same appropriate hour/ time period.

Keeping your room at a nice cool temperature, with the least amount of light will assist your body in relaxing and having a good nights rest. With the room being too hot or cold, you may not feel comfortable to sleep as your focussing on your discomfort rather than relaxing your body. The lighting being too bright may also affect the way your body switches off to allow you to sleep.

Caffeinated beverages as most of us are aware of affect our sleep at night. Try to have these beverages before midday, to allow your body to wind down before the evening. Coffee, tea, colas and high sugary drinks may impact your ability to fall asleep, and have a good quality sleep.

The timing of your dinner is a very important factor that may affect your ability to fall asleep. Eating your dinner close to bed time will stimulate all your organs to process and digest the food, which in tern is stimulating the energy in your body. Try to eat before 6pm, so that your digestive system is able to digest your food and you can use that energy prior to sleeping.

The use of electronic devices and screen time has shown to affect sleep. Around bedtime, staring at an illuminated screen may send mixed signals to the brain, disrupting our natural internal clock. The blue light released from your phone, have shown to supress melatonin levels in your brain. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for controlling sleep cycle, so in turn this may affect your ability to sleep and quality of your sleep.

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